Homer A. Plessy Community School

Homer A. Plessy Community School


Logo design for a progressive charter school in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

The Homer A. Plessy community school in downtown New Orleans wanted an iconic and approachable logo that conveyed the inspirational story of their namesake, the civil rights pioneer Homer Plessy, who in 1892 sat in a "whites only" railroad car in New Orleans to trigger a legal battle against segregationist laws. Each element of the logo was carefully planned to tell Plessy's story, from the streetcar where Plessy was arrested for violating Louisiana's "Separate Car Act" to the repeating pattern of groups of 8, which references Plessy's one-eighth African American heritage.

Homer A. Plessy: students in polos

The logo has become a beloved icon of the school and the surrounding neighborhood, as evidenced by its many incarnations in different media over the years.